Core IV: Mastering All The Principles of Phase One

The Occlusion II program investigates the in-depth scientific principles of neuromuscular dentistry. This hands-on program will focus on the need to find the orthopedic position of the mandible in space: - “Finding the bite predictability” - Perfecting the TENS bite and use of the Myomonitor skills will be enhanced - Objectively measuring the accuracy of the TENS bite and refining the student’s awareness of the Myobite This course will radically enhance your knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry as it relates to aesthetic dentistry.

The curriculum will lead you to the ultimate goal of effectively treating patients predictably and conservatively through muscle physiology, neuro-physiology and the neuromuscular philosophy. The scientific principles and clinical use of EMG, CMS, ESG and Jaw Tracking will be investigated and understood.


• Perfecting the TENS bite

• Introduction to the Myobite

• Neuromuscular path of closure in 3 dimensions

• Myocentric target

• Occlusal physiology

• Importance of TMJ space decompression

• Sonography

• EMG for objective occlusal evaluation and treatment

• Physiologic reality of cuspid rise and anterior guidance

• Anatomical appliances

• Occlusal prematurities

• Practical equilibration principles

• Groove, spheroid and point technique of coronoplasty

• Necessary records: exam, occlusal plane analysis

• Diagnosis and treatment planning

• Measuring masticatory muscle activity with EMG’s

• Fees

• Comprehensive treatment plans

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