Core VI - Coronoplasty and Case Finishing - Critical Steps for Physiologic Success

This program will teach you a simple, incredibly precise 1-2-3 clinical technique for refining occlusion on natural dentition, occlusal appliances and prosthetic restorations. Occlusal techniques do not have to be complex - just precise. The simplicity and precision of the techniques taught in this course are made possible by sound scientific and technological breakthroughs that will absolutely amaze you!


This program has been designed as a hands-on experience to teach clinical management of micro occlusal forces on natural and prosthetic dentitions. Participants will first practice the step by step coronoplasty procedure on laboratory models, followed by hands-on clinical experience adjusting occlusion on natural dentition and/or an occlusal appliance.


You will be given the knowledge and tools to adjust occlusion to microns, rather than millimeters. This is an absolute must program for any dentist managing aesthetic and complex occlusal cases.





• Cuspid guidance, group balance and anterior guidance

• The difference between bruxers and clenchers

• What and when to remove tooth structure

• Determining tooth surface to adjust - simple and precise!

• Groove, spheroid and point for ideal anatomy and function

• How to direct forces in the tooth long axis

• Providing freedom of entry to a stable centric occlusion

• Management of Class I, II & III occlusal prematuraties

• When to equilibrate and when to build an occlusal appliance

• Occlusal pathology

• Understanding parafunction

• Occlusal prematurities

• When to grind and when not to grind

• How to establish cusp/fossae contacts

• Taking the torque out of occlusion

• Identifying micro pre-maturities

• Occlusal troubleshooting

• Putting it all together


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