Creating The Exceptional Dental Practice

Mastering Case Presentation

Only five percent of dentists are economically independent enough at age 65 to retire. Isn't it time to create a model that will provide you with your independence day through the proper way to practice dentistry? The legendary Dr. Omer Reed will present the information that Dr. William Dickerson acknowledges as the impetus to the success of his practice and eventual creation of LVI. Dr. Omer Reed has inspired many of the top leaders in dentistry today. Here is your chance to learn it directly from the source who has created the blueprints for dentistry’s future practice.

DAY ONE: Marketing The New Personal Relationship

 How to create a 40% overhead, 60% net practice in 12 months

 How to create a lifestyle of “free time anytime”

 The top 100 profile of persons in your practice

 Internal marketing and retention of people coming for care

 The “file cabinet millionaire”

DAY TWO: The Seamless Care Team

 A “Patient-Centered” office

 A superior and motivating compensation system

 Creating the personal and professional image

 Demonstrating competence

 Conflict resolution

 Four little-known fail-safe systems

 Five revolutionary “how-to’s” in personal communication

 How to increase the quality of human relationships to high trust/low fear

DAY THREE: Fees, Practice Model and Case Presentation

 The non-piece work fee schedule

 The single-chair, data-based model practice

 Effective case presentations

 Source of new persons

 Preparation prior to first visit

 First office visit

 What is a “close”?

 Learning from the masters in the field

 Review of master closing procedures

 The ten most powerful closes

 75 Closes - J Douglas Edwards

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