Creativity and Collaboration: Revisiting Cybernetic Serendipity

Branches from the Same Tree

The nature of work is changing rapidly in the digital age, increasing the demand for specific skills in particular disciplines. At the same time, the United States must not become a nation of specialists who cannot speak one another’s language, especially since changes in individuals’ jobs and even careers will increasingly be the norm. The sciences and the arts, as Albert Einstein said, are “branches from the same tree.” David Skorton, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, will argue that there is enormous value – for individuals, organizations, and society – in promoting broad educational experiences that integrate the STEM disciplines with the arts and the humanities.

The Annual Arthur M. Sackler Lecture will be presented by David Skorton, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution at 6p.m. on Tuesday, March 13th.

The annual Arthur M. Sackler Lecture is free and open to the public, but advance registration is required, and attendees must present government-issued photo identification for admittance to the NAS Building.  

The lecture is presented in conjunction with the Sackler Colloquium Creativity and Collaboration: Revising Cybernetic Serendipity being held March 13-14, 2017 in Washington D.C.

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