Conference Title

Criminal Justice in the 21st Century

July 9th - 13th, 2017
Westin St. Francis Hotel
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Conference Theme

There is almost an infinite number of serious and challenging issues affecting criminal justice systems in the 21st century. The difficulties that we face domestically and internationally are ever increasing, and more complicated than ever before. The Society has selected four fields of criminal law, encompassing issues including white collar crime, forensic evidence, duty of the prosecutor, ethics, sentencing, mental health, cybercrime, policing, and corrections. An in-depth examination of each is a formidable task, as a comprehensive discussion of each topic could fill a week-long conference.  

We explore the ins and outs of white collar crime; discuss how difficult it is to obtain evidence to prove these offences; how complex international legislation affects the prosecution and defense of these crimes; and sentencing trends.  

The ethical duty of the prosecutor is now front and center, in part, as a result of the charges against a senior prosecutor in Macau and the Cunneen Inquiry in Australia. Additionally, a host of wrongful convictions inquiries has identified lack of proper disclosure as one of the primary causes of wrongful convictions.  

The topic of wrongful convictions segues to the topic of forensic evidence: its reliability, the degree the prosecution relies on it, and the proper inferences to be drawn from it. The discussion will only be able to scratch the surface of this topic.  

The conference wraps up with the all-important discussions in relation to police powers; sentencing and corrections.     

The challenges have not subsided from the time of the inception of the Society thirty years ago. By forming networks, associations and most importantly, friendships, we continue to work together to bring reform to the criminal law in order to achieve a fair and just society for all its citizens. 

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