Cvent Test

An exciting three-day, hands-on program that shows you how to evaluate which cases to treat and how to gain treatment acceptance from your patients using advanced restorative dentistry. This program will increase the level of comprehensive care and enhance the lives of your patients, excite your team and increase the fun and passion you have at work.


Course Objectives

∙ Recognize what cases may be restored cosmetically.

∙ Determine which cases to avoid.

∙ Eliminate the influence of insurance.

∙ Discuss which cases may require additional treatment to ensure success.

∙ Understand comprehensive case diagnosis and treatment plans.

∙ Identify dental related musculoskeletal signs and symptoms.

∙ Discover the science, logic, and physiology behind determining and positioning the bite correctly.

∙ Incorporate technologies and philosophies necessary for the successful restorative practice.

∙ Learn the principles of the ideal smile design to create the perfect case.

∙ Learn how to accurately transfer the bite to the laboratory.

∙ Understand how to develop the ideal restorative practice.

Cvent test

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