Daughters of the Nile - 101st Annual Supreme Session
Niagara Falls, NY

 Hello, and welcome to your easy on-line Registration Process.  Please go through all of the items listed on this page so that you are aware of EVERYTHING happening at Supreme Session 2017 in beautiful, historic Niagara Falls, New York. 
   There are a few things different about this years' Registration and we wanted to make sure you were well aware of them. 

1.  You do not have to wait for a registration number in order to complete your registration.  You have the option of just registering and then stopping, OR, completing your entire registration including hotel, food events, tours, breakout sessions, etc.

2.  This year you can register yourself and a non-member (your spouse, significant other or friend) as a "guest".  They do not need to register themselves.  All of your events, meals, tours and functions will be totaled together so that you only need to make one payment.  Also, you only need to give one e-mail address.  When you have finished with your registration and you hit the button that says "submit" - you will receive an email telling you that we have received your registration and you are pending approval.  Once approved, you will receive a listing for both you and your guest of everything you have signed up to do.  Remember, "guests" are non-members.


-- Please wait until you get your confirmation and click on "modify" (located at the bottom of your email confirmation) -

-- enter your email address and your registration number and you will be taken to your personal agenda.  From there you will be able to go through the pages and make your changes.

 3. Please remember that ONLY one person should reserve a hotel room. That one person will list everyone staying with them in their room.  The person reserving the hotel room will receive an e-mail confirmation & is asked to share the information with your roommates.  If you need to modify your hotel reservation, you can do so by clicking on the "modify" button on your confirmation email, entering your email and your registration number, and then clicking on "Hotel Reservation" on the left hand side of the screen.  If you have questions, please contact the Housing Committee by emailing them at: ss2017house@gmail.com.

. Also new this year is the option to register multiple members. This feature was added to enable an entire unit to register and pay with one credit card. Once you have completed your registration, there is an option to register other members. When you select this button, you will be at the main registration page for members. You will add this member just like you did yourself and when you have completed their registration, you have the option of adding more. When you have added all the members that you need to, submit your registrations and make your payment.  Note - if you are going to reserve multiple rooms for your unit/group, you will need to select a person who's name the room will be registered to.  Example, you have 12 people in your unit and you are putting 4 people in each room, so you need 3 rooms.  You will need to select 3 people who's names will go on 3 different rooms.  You can do all of this in one large reservation.
As usual, Performing Units and Choirs will need to fill out the forms for their performances.  These forms are available from your Princess Recorder, or, you can download them from www.daughtersofthenile.com.
       So, take your time, read about all of the fun events, breakout sessions and tours and click the "Register" button. 
           Athor Temple is eagerly
awaiting the opportunity to be your host at the 2017 Supreme Session.

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