Daughters of the Nile - 101st Annual Supreme Session
Niagara Falls, NY


Patricia Wunsch, PQDecorations Chairman
Katherine Gugino, QueenFinance Chairman
Pr. Beverly GraberFloral Chairman
Justine Holben, PQss2017food@gmail.comFood Events Chairman
Pr. Janice FreundFood Vice Chairman
Bobbie Cap, PQss2017gen@gmail.comGeneral Chairman
Betsey Ball, PQss2017gen@gmail.comGeneral Vice-Chairman
Pr. Burniece Herendeenss2017house@gmail.comHousing Chairman
Latricia Beith, PQtricia551@gmail.comMobility Enhancers Chairman
Pr. Ruth DegenerOutfits / Workers-Hostess Chair
Susan Kline, PQParaphernalia Chairman
Cathie Turton, PQss2017reg@gmail.comRegistration Chairman
Pr. Gerri WestwoodRegistration Vice-Chairman
Isabel Keuther, PQSupreme Choral Accompanist
Judith Kroll, PQSupreme Chorus Director
Beverly Dunham, PQSupreme Director of Patrols
Jada Bryant, PQjsbmom114@yahoo.comSupreme Director of Uniformed Units
Pr. Barbara Millerss2017tours@gmail.comTours (all) Chairman
Pr. Carole Koehlerss2017tours@gmail.comTours (all) Vice Chair
Pauline Holden, PQWays & Means Chairman
Betsey Ball, PQss2017gen@gmail.comWebsite & Publications Chairman