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Dr Ethan Hein
Adjunct Professor
New York University

Ethan Hein is a Doctoral Fellow in music education at New York University, and an adjunct professor of music technology at NYU and Montclair State University. As a founding member of the NYU Music Experience Design Lab, Ethan has taken a leadership role in the development of online tools for music learning and expression, most notably the Groove Pizza.

Together with Will Kuhn, he is the co-author of Electronic Music School: Empowering Student Creativity with Ableton Live, forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

He maintains a widely-followed blog at

Ethan Hein
David Dowling
Support & Training Coordinator
Music EDnet
After taking up the Guitar in 1990 and investing in a programmable drum machine shortly after, David has been a devout music and music technology enthusiast ever since. David later undertook a bachelor of music degree at Adelaide University’s Elder Conservatorium in 2006, graduated in 2008, and, after a break to begin working for Avid, finished with honours in music technology in 2013.
David worked for Avid Technology from 2009-2016 as the Sibelius software specialist, demonstrator, and support person for Australia, New Zealand and much of the wider Asia-Pacific region. He has also taught Sibelius formally at Adelaide University since 2012.

His focus has always been on harnessing the power of music technology to achieve real musical outcomes, from notating in Sibelius and recording with Pro-Tools, to ambitious personalised music application development on the programming side with Max/MSP and SuperCollider. Most of the tools that comprise the Music Technology field are second nature to David now, and he loves nothing more than helping others take control of their music applications and hardware to aid with a wide range of music/education needs and styles.
Music EDnet
Martin Emo
EDnet Mentor
Music Tech researcher, trainer & educator
Nelson NZ

Martin is a teaching fellow at Victoria University of Wellington, training pre-service high school music teachers. He is also doctoral candidate investigating the relationship between teacher beliefs of music education and how they use digital technologies in the classroom. A high school teacher of 12 years, he is a classically trained musician, DJ and creates music as a Digital Musician.

Martin holds a Masters in Education, Bachelor of Music in Musicology and Electro-acoustic Composition and High School Teaching diploma.  He is a member of the board of Music Education New Zealand Aotearoa, Australian & New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education and holds a number of mentor and facilitator positions including with the NZ Ministry of Education, NZ Qualifications Authority, Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington, EDnet Australasia and through his own website  Martin has also provided education consultancy to Melodics and Serato, and is currently contracted to Ableton.

Martin Thomas Emo
Kate Hargreaves
As the Founder & CEO of MusicEDU, Kate Hargreaves launched MusicEDU in 2011 with the aspiration to give every student an opportunity to enjoy and engage in classroom music. This goal continues to be achieved internationally through integrating progressive teaching techniques and technology via The MusicEDU Suite in secondary schools.

In 2020 MusicEDU launches ‘Augmented Reality Classroom’ – the fifth curriculum program to The Suite. With the increasing popularity of the programs including ‘GameComposer’, ‘Studio Sessions’, ‘Keyboard Evolution’, and DJ program – ‘TrackFormers’; AR Classroom is bound to impact the way we teach music!

Kate is a regular presenter at Music Technology and Music Association conferences throughout Australia and New Zealand and has recently launched the introduction of The MusicEDU Suite in San Antonio, Texas, USA at the TMEA Conference.
Keith Huxtable
Managing Director
Music EDnet
Keith’s experience in the music industry spans more than 40 years. Having studied Electrical Engineering at Monash University while performing part time as a professional musician, Keith has enjoyed a long career that combines his interests in music and technology. Over the years Keith has held senior technical and marketing positions with Yamaha and Roland, is a past Vice President of the Australian Music Association and a council member of ASME in SA.
Keith moved to Adelaide in 1991 to establish what is now known as Music EDnet through which he has pursued the advocacy of music in education along with technology as his mission. Today Music EDnet is nationally recognized as a leading source of music technology in schools and educational institutions.
Music EDnet
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Peter Lee
Rising Software
Peter Lee graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1998. While completing a Bachelor of Music, Peter commenced work with his partners on Auralia, a software package specifically designed to assist music students with their aural skills.
Initially only available in Australia, Auralia was soon widely exported to countries including the USA, UK, New Zealand, Sweden and Germany. Translations into languages such as German, Swedish, Chinese and Hungarian were completed. A companion package for theory studies, Musition, was soon released.
Peter continues to enhance Auralia and Musition and works with teachers and students from around the world exploring developments in music education and technology, and will be available during the conference to speak with interested delegates about Auralia and Musition software.
Rising Software
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Jeni Little
Music Teacher
Hobsonville Point Secondary School - NZ
Rebel. Maverick. Feminist. Ethnomusicologist. Composer. Arranger. Musician. Textile Artist. Mother. Experimenter. Teacher. Writer. Wild Woman. Compulsive Creative. Learner. Mentor. Musical Director. Band Manager. Sound Engineer. Curriculum Leader.

Jeni Little lives with her partner of 37 years in Titirangi NZ, and has two adult children. She is currently the Music Teacher at Hobsonville Point Secondary School - a future-focussed learning space. Jeni completed a Master of Music (Hons) in ethnomusicology and composition at Auckland University in 1991. Her thesis embodied the research on traditional music which she undertook while living for six months on the islands of Atiu, Mauke and Mitiaro in the Cook Islands (1988).

Jeni is a highly respected music educator who has committed herself to the art of teaching in the classroom for the last 30+ years. She has also worked as an education consultant for the New Zealand Music Industry Commission, the Ministry of Education, and NZQA.

Jeni is the chair of MENZA (Music Education NZ Aotearoa), and deputy chair of the Program Advisory Committee for MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand). She also sits on the Board of the New Zealand Music Commission - the first music educator to do so.
Audrey O'Clair.jpg
Audrey O'Clair
Education Specialist

Audrey O’Clair is, first and foremost, a community builder. As a former special education teacher, she knows that using every available resource—from edtech to social media to professional learning networks—is the trick to helping individuals succeed.

Audrey is an Education Specialist for Soundtrap at Spotify who knows that authentic learning is most engaging regardless of the learner’s age. She uses Soundtrap’s audio recording software to help everyone find their voice. When delivering workshops and seminars on accessibility and inclusion she builds educator capacity and grows teacher dialogue around the world. You can connect with Audrey on Twitter at @audreyoclair.

Katie Wardrobe
Midnight Music
Katie Wardrobe is a music technology trainer, consultant, blogger and podcaster who is passionate about helping music teachers through her business Midnight Music ( She runs hands-on workshops, presents regularly at conferences in Australia and overseas and she offers online training and support to music teachers all over the world through her music technology professional development online community - the Midnight Music Community. Katie is also the author of the keyboard and technology program for middle school students titled Studio Sessions (published by MusicEDU) and the host of the weekly Music Tech Teacher podcast.
Midnight Music