Death Benefits Masterclass

Summary & Topics

It is clear that the 2017 superannuation reforms had a profound impact on pensions and contributions post 1 July 2017.  What is far less well known is their significant impact on estate planning.  For the first time, couples with large superannuation balances might have to withdraw some of their superannuation capital when the first one of them dies.  Certainly it will be far more common in the future for funds paying death benefits to have a combination of pension and accumulation accounts rather than being entirely in pension phase.  The flow on effects for fund tax, personal tax and wealth distribution are enormous.

If you missed it last time, join us at our Death Benefits Masterclass to explore a range of case studies that capture the issues we have already discovered in our work supporting accountants, financial advisers and trustees including:

  • Who can receive death benefits and in what form
  • Maximising the amount able to be retained in super on death & dealing with any liquidity issues
  • Death pre or post 1 July 2017 - what difference does it make
  • Reversionary pensions
  • Dealing with insurance proceeds
  • Impact on related issues such as ECPI, trustees
  • Getting the documentation right

Heffron's SMSF Masterclasses are a unique opportunity to delve into the details of a particular SMSF topic or strategy with some of Australia's leading SMSF experts. 

Spend half a day with us and a small group of fellow SMSF practitioners (numbers are strictly limited to 30 participants) working through case studies that capture the issues we have discovered in our work supporting accountants, financial advisers and trustees.  The intimate workshop style is a unique feature of our Masterclasses, as is our focus on practical solutions you can use immediately in your practice.

As a small business of busy practitioners, we understand the importance of value for money in SMSF training. Our sessions are always designed to maximise the value of your time out of the office – we receive consistent feedback that the material is well researched and presented by experts in SMSF.

Our Masterclasses are not exclusively for experts but we do assume participants have a solid level of SMSF knowledge to build on.  We’ll tackle the complex issues as well as filling in any gaps in the basics.  They would generally be inappropriate for anyone brand new to SMSFs but our presenters’ practical and approachable style means the sessions are invaluable for a wide range of practitioners.  


This is a repeat of our Death Benefits Masterclass held in March 2018.  If you attended the class in March, you do not need to attend this event.

All Death Benefit Masterclasses will run from 1.30pm-5.00pm local time. 

26 November 2018 - Toowoomba
27 November 2018 - Sydney
28 November 2018 - Melbourne
29 November 2018 - Parramatta
30 November 2018 - Newcastle

Why not make a Day of it?

Our Pensions Masterclass will run in each of these locations from 9am-12.30pm on the same day.

Click here to be taken to the event website for the Pensions Masterclass for further information and to register for that Masterclass.