Deep Dive Audits & Assessments

A one day training course on how to plan, prepare and conduct Deep Dive Audits and Assessments on Major Accident Hazards (MAHs) using ABB’s proven techniques and methodology.

For personnel who want to conduct Deep Dive Audits and Assessments of Major Accident Hazards. 

Over recent years the process industries have experienced many major accidents which have led to higher technical standards and tighter legislative controls. Many companies have conducted Process Safety Management (PSM) Systems type audits and may believe that all is under control. However, incidents that continue to occur and this suggests that more needs to be done.

A growing number of organisations are becoming increasingly aware that process safety issues need to be managed in a risk-based way linked to their business needs, but also cost effectively. Good PSM must embrace the way in which people, plant and systems all inter-relate:
-  Plant and equipment must be of an appropriate design standard / integrity and be adequately maintained
-  Systems / procedures must be fit for purpose and practicable
-  People must be adequately competent and work within a positive cultural framework that encourages safe behaviour and a belief that any injury, harm or damage can be avoided

Deep dive audits and assessments provide a thorough streamlined review of the robustness of barriers protecting against major accident hazards and so the technique differs from a more commonly conducted PSM systems audit. Findings provide a clear tangible link to an asset’s key major accident hazard risks.

This technique is a novel tool which can be used to help rapidly assess the adequacy of controls for major accident hazards. The technique focuses on reviewing a facilities key risks by asking the following the 3 questions:
1  Do we understand what could go wrong
2  Do we know what our systems are to prevent this from happening?
3  Do we have information to assure us that they are working effectively?

The deep dive audit and assessment tool can help to ensure that a company:
-  Has control of the key process safety aspects of the business
-  Achieves the process safety performance improvements needed
-  Spends money on process safety management and improvement in the most effective way
-  Has a consistent commitment to process safety throughout the business
-  Has access to the skills, resources and expertise required

ABB's experience is that personnel with responsibilities for PSM and integrity management have the right skill sets and are well placed to conduct deep dive audits and assessments. On completion of this course you will have an understanding of how to:
-  Conduct a Deep Dive Audit and Assessment using ABB’s proven techniques and methodology
-  How to plan and prepare for a Deep Dive Audit and Assessment
-  How to carry out effective interviews with site personnel
-  What plant records to check and things to look out for on plant tours
-  How to write a Deep Dive Audit and Assessment report
-  How to establish a Deep Dive Audit and Assessment program into a company’s PSM System 

The course
The course uses a lively mix of interactive presentations, case study examples and typical findings from ABB’s experience of using this technique, exercises and videos. A workshop is included to help delegates develop a plan for integrating Deep Dive Audits and Assessments into their PSM System assurance program.

  • When

  • Tuesday, 17 October, 2017
    9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

  • Where

    Redwood Park Estate
    Grimsby DN41 8TH
    +44 (0) 1469 552828