Delivering a Meaningful Candidate Experience


The candidate experience can be defined in a number of ways, but in short, it consists of the engagements and interactions made with candidates during the recruitment and hiring process. These interactions, however small and by whatever means (your website, job postings, career fairs, the interview, etc.), all tally toward the candidate’s overall impression of an organization. A meaningful candidate experience can have a number of powerful effects to create lasting interest in your organization.

Learn how to create that coveted experience in order to benefit your organization in this webinar for recruiters, hiring managers, executives, and human resources professionals. Regardless of the experience, your candidates will tell others about it. Recent research will be shared in this eye-opening webinar inside the mind of the candidate. Influence that narrative from the start by creating a positive and lasting impression through a meaningful candidate experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • What a meaningful candidate experience looks like

  • Interacting and engaging at every stage of recruitment

  • Turn-offs in the recruitment and hiring process

  • Gauging candidate feedback

  • Improving current practices

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  • When

  • Friday, August 24, 2018
    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Eastern Time Zone

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