Dental Office Design

What is the secret to the successful dental office? And how do you create one?

The LVI Office Design Conference has these answers conducted by the author of the best selling dental office design book, “ A Guide to Designing the Elegant Dental or Medical Office…The Largest Marketing Tool of Your Career”. Dr. Mark Tholen is also the former CEO of one of the country’s leading office design firms and brings the experience of thousands of projects to your questions. During this day long learning experience, you will gain the knowledge to make the esthetic and practical decisions that will result in a smoothly functioning office with the WOW factor. And with Dr. Tholen’s expertise, you will learn to avoid the costly errors that plague so many projects.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to:

  • Navigate the process of designing, financing and building new office space
  • Decide whether to build, lease or remodel their office
  • What you need to know about site selection
  • Estimating project timelines
  • Accurate process to estimate project costs
  • Tax considerations that can save tens of thousands of dollars
  • Selecting a General Contractor ∙ Negotiating the most favorable financing
  • Integrating technology into the office
  • Space allocation
  • Office esthetics and achieving a timeless appearance
  • Optimizing patient and work flow


  • Where

  • LVI Global
    9501 Hillwood Drive
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89134
    888-584-3237 or 702-341-7978