Digital Diagnostic Basic Training

This two day, hands-on course is the foundation for every office that wants to practice complete, computer-aided dentistry. The leading technology behind computer-aided occlusal evaluation is demonstrated in detail so that procedures and techniques are easily understood. The course format has been specifically designed to allow doctors and their team members to work together to get optimum results.

During lecture there is a basic review of TMD Dentistry principles and an introduction to computer hardware and software. Bill Wade will present detailed instructions concerning patient management techniques during computer analysis and Concluding the lecture portion of the course will be an in-depth scan interpretation segment that sets forth the principles and guidelines that need to be utilized in order to ensure the doctor’s ability to render an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

The clinical aspect of occlusal evaluation is comprised of a series of intensive, hands-on exercises. During these hands-on experiences, each participant will be expected to perform each aspect of the data collection process. There will be special emphasis on the accurate recording of occlusal data, methodologies and the techniques involved in taking a successful bite registration.

It is the goal of the faculty of this course that , each doctor and team member take with them at the completion of the course a working knowledge of the computer-aided occlusal evaluation system and its application for use in their office starting with the very next patient they see.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to: 
Utilize the basic operations of the occlusal evaluation system software and hardware.

Utilize the information produced by the occlusal evaluation system to provide better comprehensive care for the patient.

Define the doctor's role and the team member's support role in the utilization of the occlusal evaluation system.


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