Direct Resin Veneer System

This program focuses on the diagnosis and management as well as clinical execution of 
exceptional aesthetic rehabilitation utilizing prefabricated composite veneers.  The scope of the 
program will include fundamentals of occlusal and hygiene considerations as well as smile 
design principles leading to the optimal delivery of a smile enhanced with prefabricated resin 
veneers.  The entire procedure will be completed on models by the attendees as a part of the 

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:
  • Recognize which cases are occlusal train wrecks prior to treatment
  • Develop a protocol to prevent starting an aesthetic restorative case in the presence of periodontal or occlusal issues
  • Determine what ideal aesthetics are and techniques to recreate life-like beauty with direct resin veneers


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  • LVI Global
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