DP, MYP, PYP Categories 1, 2 & 3 Workshops - Grand Rapids, MI: 17 - 19 February 2018

Electronic workbooks and materials

The International Baccalaureate is committed to modeling best practices in education, including integrating technology into professional development workshops. To that end, all IB Americas regional professional development workshops use electronic workbooks in place of paper workbooks.

  • Each participant will be required to bring a laptop and power cord to download workshop materials. We strongly encourage participants to bring a laptop rather than a tablet (for example, iPad). 
  • Power strips and internet access (connection for one device only per person) will be available to participants in the workshop rooms. 
  • A link will be provided before the workshop to all registered participants with a copy of the electronic workbook. Any further information or updates will be included in the participant welcome email which is sent to all registered participants seven days before the workshop 
  • Participants are encouraged to download a copy of the electronic workbook onto their hard drive. Participants may choose to print a hard copy to bring with them instead. 
  • Participants should bring the subject guide to the workshop and any other document requested by the workshop leaders. Note that leaders will contact participants directly using the email address listed in the system.

Other workshop information

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