DSA Student Dues - Class of 2019

This event is closed. If you have any questions, please contact the planner directly.


Class of 2019!

On behalf of the entire Darden Student Association (DSA) executive team, welcome to Darden and congratulations on completing your first week of classes! We’ve been hard at work this summer planning events designed to enhance your MBA experience, bring Darden students together, and strengthen what is already Darden’s greatest asset – our community.

Who exactly is the DSA, and what are they responsible for?

We’re so glad you asked.

The DSA is a group of 15 second-year students, elected by classmates to advocate on their behalf and represent the interests, concerns, and desires of the student body. More broadly speaking, the DSA is responsible for making sure students have the best Darden experience possible.

Throughout the year, the DSA sponsors events such as the Welcome Back BBQ, Darden Cup, Outreach / Community Service Events, the International Film Festival, One Darden week, the infamous 100 Case party, and other social events such as Thursday Cold Calls and Foxfield. While the magnitude and sheer joy these events bring may be lost on you now, we’re sure by the end of your second year these events will be synonymous with some of your most cherished memories of Darden.

The events sound great! How does the DSA pay for them?  You must have tons of money!

Unfortunately, not.

Each year, First Year students are asked to pay a one-time contribution to help fund DSA sponsored events throughout their two years at Darden. The DSA Student Dues fee for the Class of 2019 is $375.   Though DSA Dues are optional, we expect near 100% participation, which is consistent with our class and all previous classes since the DSA began collecting dues. If you choose not to pay dues, consistent with the Honor Code, you should also choose not to attend any of the aforementioned events

Now, we understand that the DSA Dues may seem like a large amount, and that it can feel especially burdensome when combined with all other expenses you're incurring these days. We reiterate that this is a one-time upfront payment for your joy and happiness the next two years. When amortized over the 18 months you’re on grounds, it works out to approximately $20/month!

Ok, I get it. I’ll bite the bullet and get this over with. When is the deadline and how do I pay?

We’re happy you’re on-board. You will not regret it.

You can pay your one-time dues by clicking "Register" at the bottom of this page. Deadline for dues is September 7th.

If I have questions throughout the year about how the DSA is spending our Dues, who can I speak with?

If you have questions about DSA dues, please feel free to reach out to Collin Williams, VP Finance, or any other member of the DSA team. Additionally, the DSA will hold quarterly town hall meetings where we will brief the student body on the DSA’s budget and actual expenditures for the year. We encourage each of you to join us!