Joe_DuncunJoe Duncan

"Of all the conferences I’ve been to over the past 30 years, this is the best one I’ve ever been to.  Compare it to major league baseball – if you want to see the best player, go to the All Star game – if you want to see the top of the class up and down the line – come to the Ag Summit.  I’m really impressed networking with other industry leaders and farmers.  Last year I learned about basis differences across the country and found out I had very favorable basis at home in Kentucky.  This is a very educational, good learning experience, I love Chicago and I’ll be back!"

Joe_LittwinJoe Littwin

"Every time I come here I learn something new – I meet farmers from different places like Canada and South Dakota, they give me good insight.  Last year I met a farmer from Canada approaching ninety years old and he has been using risk management since he was twenty – I was really impressed.  From motivation to the nuts and bolts – I like it all.  The conference helps me get the history as well as the present conditions for my                                                                                    customers."

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