test_jeff_thompsonJeff Thompson, 7 year Ag Summit
"I talked to a gentleman this morning and happen to mention this is the first year we switched to 20" corn and he says OMG I'm not the only one! So, 20 minutes later I learned a great deal about spraying, side dressing, weed control, you name it.  There are three of us here and between us we try to cover all of the sessions and take advantage of networking, then we
                                             compare notes!"

test_natasha_mortensonNatasha Mortenson, 1st Ag Summit 
"I really enjoy listening to the speakers, it's hard to find conferences with this depth of knowledge and worldwide basis of agriculture.  The Ag Summit is very technical and informative."

test_joe_littwinJoe Littwin, 4th year Ag Summit
"I learn something new every time I come here.  Today I took home - A simple plan can produce great things!  
I'm impressed with the wives of the Young Farmers, they are so strong.  I think that's important when you have a family business."


Penny Slater, 3rd Year Ag Summit
I'm in the financial end of the business and it's helpful for me to layout the information so the guys can understand what I see on a daily basis.  The Ag Summit helps us understand how it all fits together.  It's also beneficial as we add older children to the business, learning what questions to ask and items to consider.

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