Duplicating Provider Success/Extern Onboarding and Development Program | May 1-2, 2017


Onboarding a new provider can pull practice owners in opposite directions, spending half the day 
preparing for the future and the other half taking care of the practice’s immediate needs. With Audigy Group’s 120-day onboarding and training plan, you can see how these seemingly disparate goals fit together in the 
comprehensive picture. With the 90-day Provider Duplication Plan, you can then take the critical next step: bringing a new provider up to the level of excellence you and your team have already achieved.

This workshop goes over the onboarding and training plan in-depth, so you can take care of today and prepare for tomorrow without feeling pulled in separate directions, and it covers the duplication plan, so you can bring 
existing providers up to speed. At the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and resources needed to integrate new providers into your practice seamlessly and train them in best practices, processes, and systems.

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