EDU 350-179: Principle-Based Reserving Valuation for Life Products

Revisions to the Standard Valuation Model Law to allow principle-based reserving were adopted in September 2009. This model legislation was designed to improve the way life insurers calculate the reserves held to protect consumer’s financial interests in insurance products. The valuation manual, containing the requirements for principle-based reserving, was completed in 2012.

Designed for non-actuaries, this webinar will help participants understand the new standard in order to better assess the implications the standard may have on a state’s policies. The webinar will provide the background on development of principle-based reserving and will walk participants through an overview of the requirements. Attention will also be given to possible risks that may emerge within the various components of principle-based reserving.

This class will be of interest to those who serve as policy makers within their departments and also those who want to achieve a high-level understanding of principle-based reserving. On the regulatory side, this may include senior regulatory staff, financial examiners and analysts, and those who work in government affairs, legal affairs, consumer affairs, life form filing, and policy form filing.

This webinar was recorded live on October 9, 2013.


Access to this previously recorded presentation will be made available to participants for learning at their own convenience. Upon registering for this event, each participant will receive an email linking them directly to the presentation.

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