Effective Dental Marketing- Principles That Produce Results!

Marketing is constantly changing and it can be an expensive venture when you are exploring various marketing avenues.  Even more challenging is to market dentistry and attract the right patients to your practice.  This course is designed to show you how to market your dental practice effectively, in order to produce excellent results. The most unique aspect of this course is a Hands on Marketing segment) on the  2nd day. Be sure to have your laptop ready, because you will be shown a step by step process for how to create a facebook page, twitter page, and make your website interactive.  This will aid you in attracting patients to you practice, and deliver excellent reviews from your existing patients.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:
  • Be the administrator for your Facebook, and Twitter account, and have the knowledge to attract people to these sites.
  • Examine and evaluate your marketing for effective results.
  • Create demand for the type of dentistry that you would like to pursue
  • Create a WOW FACTOR  for your via marketing  


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