Ensemble Travel® Group 2019 International Conference

Ensemble Travel® Group 2019 International Conference

Get Pinned at Conference!


Are you a Board Member? Are You A New Member? Are you an On Location Partner?

Remember the good old days, when pins were the way we communicated who we wanted to vote for, what country we were from, and still today, our names and who we work for. We have a pretty good idea of what country you are from, and that you are members of Ensemble, but your fellow members and preferred suppliers may want to know more.  

You'll be surprised how many people you'll meet and how many people will want to meet you when you are wearing your appropriate pins.  This will get you noticed, and catch the eye of someone you might never have met otherwise.


Pins will be available at our registration desk and will attach to your lanyard. 

See you (and your pins) in Seattle!

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