Ensemble Travel® Group 2019 International Conference

Ensemble Travel® Group 2019 International Conference


Important Conference Information

This page contains important conference information and some general information about the Ensemble Travel International Conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kind of schedule can I expect?

Please visit the Agenda page or view the 2019 At-A-Glance.

Question: I need to add / change sessions or meals. How do I modify my existing registration?
  1. Enter the appropriate Conference Website
  2. Click on the “Already Registered” link found underneath the Register Today button on the website: 
  3. Enter First Name, Last Name, Email, and Confirmation Number (enter exactly as on your confirmation, or you will be asked to register again) If you do not remember your confirmation number click on the link to have your confirmation sent to you.
  4. Once you enter the information requested, Click OK
  5. A new page will open with registrant’s details. Click on the Modify tabA new page opens with name and registration type, that looks like this:
  6. Click on the link for Registration at the far right
  7. Make your changes by clicking the appropriate boxes to select or unregister for each item listed
  8. At the bottom of the page, click Next
  9. You are taken back to the same page shown above in Step 6. This time, click on the Next button to view a summary of your changes
  10. IMPORTANT! Continue clicking Next until you get to the Finish button.
Question: How will I be able to identify people once I am on site?

When you arrive at conference, you will register and Get Pinned!

You will be surprised how many people you will meet and how many people will want to meet you when you are wearing your appropriate pins.  This will get you noticed and catch the eye of someone you might never have met otherwise.

Pins will be available at our registration desk and will attach to your lanyard.

Question: What should I wear to daily sessions and meal events?
Answer: Visit the Dress Code page for this event.
Question: Is there a transportation shuttle?
Answer: Visit the Transfer Information page for this event.
Question: What meals are included in my registration?

TEN (10) meals and Happy Hours are included with your registration:

 Lunch and Dinner 
 Breakfast and Lunch
 Breakfast, Lunch and COE Dinner (black tie optional)
 Breakfast, Lunch and Closing Dinner

Please note there are no relaxed breakfasts this year, so we are able to accommodate all of our sponsors.  For planning purposes, please be sure to indicate what meal events you will attend when you register online.

Question: What can I expect each evening?

Wednesday, October 23
7:00PM - 8:30PM - Welcome Reception
8:30PM - Supplier-Member Networking . . . All night long! 

Thursday, October 24

On Your Own - Free Night

Friday, October 25

6:45PM - 7:30PM - Champagne Reception
7:30PM - 11:30PM - Circle of Excellence Awards Dinner (Black Tie optional) & Make-a-Wish Auction

Saturday, October 26

6:45PM - 10:00PM - Closing Event – MoPop Museum of Pop Culture

Question: What is Happy Hour?
This is your chance to wind down, relax and have fun while learning, too!
Each Happy Hour consists of three 15-minute Supplier Training Sessions where you can learn about hosting successful consumer presentations, selling longer voyages and much more! There are many Suppliers to choose from, so you're sure to find several topics that pique your interest.  
Thursday, October 24, 4:15PM – 6:00PM
Friday, October 25, 4:00PM – 5:15PM
Saturday, October 26, 4:00PM – 6:00PM
Question: What will the weather be like?

Average daytime temperatures are between 59-62 degrees Fahrenheit while nighttime temperatures are in the mid 40s.

Question: Will there be a live auction for Make-A-Wish this year?

Yes, that auction takes place during the Circle of Excellence dinner. You will be able to read about the auction items as they are posted to our Make-A-Wish website page and mobile app.


Question: Have a question we have not answered here?

Members - Registration@ensembletravel.com; Suppliers Confsuppliers@ensembletravel.com

Question: New agency attending conference, or haven't been in years? Watch our recorded webinar for Member attendees!

 Watch our recorded webinar to get ready for the upcoming conference, click here for the webinar.  Supplier partners, view your recorded webinar under you tradeshow information.