Eos Connection 2017: APFED's 15th Annual Patient Education Conference on Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders


Thursday, July 6

Family Fun Day      10:30 a.m.     
APFED Pool Party at Hyatt Pool 

Attendee Meet & Greet                 4:00 p.m.     
Is this your first APFED conference? This casual meet and greet is designed to help new families meet one another and help them make the most of their conference experience. Come say "hi" and introduce yourself!

Friday, July 7

Breakfast on your own

Choose a morning track:

9:30 am-12:00 pm

Track 1: EGIDs: The Journey Begins

Track 2: EGIDs: The Journey Continues


Recommended for patients and caregivers with a newer diagnosis (suggested within 3 years) 
Audience: Adults & Parents of Children with EoE, EG, EGE, EC

Recommended for patients and caregivers who were diagnosed 4+ years ago
Audience: Adults & Parents of Children with EoE, EG, EGE, EC

Conference Opening and Welcome Remarks

EGIDs Overview: Presentation and Diagnostics

EGID Therapies: What's Available? Am I On the Right Treatment?

All About Scopes: When, Why, How and How Often?

Who Should Be Involved in My Care and What
If I Don't Have Access?

Panel Q&A

Conference Opening and Welcome Remarks

EGIDs: Is It In Our Genes? What Genetic Research Tells Us

Mast Cells: What Is Their Role in EGIDs?

Effects of Anesthesia

European Guidelines for Diagnosis & Management of EoE

Panel Q&A


Lunch: On Your Own

Choose a breakout session in each time block below:






Breakout Sessions 1
School Advocacy Pre-K Through College: What Are My Child's Rights?
Adults with EGIDs
EGIDs in the Workplace: Know Your Rights
Cope with Scopes
Traveling with EGIDs


Breakout Sessions 2
Below the Esophagus: Coping with Lower Subsets of EGIDs
EGIDs and College Life
Palliative Care: Is It Right For You?
Managing EGIDs While In-Patient
Growing In and Out of Allergies 

APFED’s HOPE on the Horizon Fundraising Walk 


Saturday, July 8










Registration and Continental Breakfast

Session 1: Clinical Updates

Welcome and Speaker Introduction

Biomarkers for EGID

Esophageal Remodeling: Can It Be Prevented? Can It Be Treated?

Esophageal Dilation: What to Expect 

Panel Discussion and Q&A


Session 2: Research Updates: There is HOPE on the Horizon

EGID Research: Key Publications This Year and Their Impact

EGID Research: CEGIR Update

EGID Research: What Is On The Horizon? The Future of Diagnostics and Treatments

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Lunch - Boxed Lunch Provided

Session 3: Dietary Management 

Elimination Diets: Why, How, and For How Long? 

Managing a Restricted Diet in the Real World: Tips to Help You Adhere to Your Diet 

Feeding Therapy: Who Can Benefit and How Does It Help?

Panel Q&A


Session 4: Living Well Through Ages and Stages 

Coping With A Chronic Illness (with Q&A)

Transitional Care: Pediatrics to Adults (with Q&A)

Closing Remarks

Family Friendly Anniversary Party


Program subject to change 




Introduction to CEGIRS: Bringing Researchers Together


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