Examining: Making It Work! The Teacher-Paraeducator Team (4.22-6.26.20)

Participants taking classes for Relicensure or Paraeducator Credit will have the capability to download their official transcript automatically from this ISEA website:  https://www.iseatranscripts.org/.

We ask that you allow up to 2 weeks AFTER the class has ENDED before requesting your transcript so as to allow for instructors and ISEA to process all grades.

The transcript will provide a copy of all courses the participant has taken for Relicensure and/or Paraeducator credit that are in the ISEA database. This link can also be found on the first page of the ISEA website.

If this is the first class you have taken from ISEA, our system will not have any information to match up against the information you are inputting into our transcript system until your grade is processed.  Please keep this in mind if you receive a message that tells you the information is incorrect.

Those taking the class for Graduate credit will receive a transcript from Drake University. 

Because of this new capability, ISEA will no longer be mailing out transcripts to class participants.

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