Examining: STEAM : The Engine of Education (2.19-4.24.20)


:  February 19 - March 24, 2020
Course #:  EDMA 288:851

Teaching is both an art and a science. How many times have we met teachers who “knew their stuff,” but failed to take that stuff and teach in a way that ignited learning and touched the educational soul?

The new wave of education that filtered through the beginning of the 21st century wanted us to throw out the arts claiming they were not marketable or useful in our society. Throw out Shakespeare? Toss Michelangelo and Monet? Disregard Rodin, Chopin and John Stuart Mill? Really?

Well, those days are gone! Move aside powers that be and holders of the purse strings. You were wrong and now educators have had to step in and make amends and alter that backward thinking. The world of science is wonderful, but so is the world of the arts. Our lives are vastly improved by the cornucopia of paintings, sculptures, symphonies and many, many more works that fall under the heading “the arts.”

Examining: STEAM: the Engine of Education is 3-credit hour course that explores ways to take brain-compatible strategies and turn them into lessons that unite the arts in valuable and effective instruction. This class will delve into the meaning of the arts in education, their value and contributions and the power the arts have in our lives and in our schools. We will examine creativity and how to design schools and classrooms that turn creativity into achievement. Participants will understand the powerful, positive influence the arts can have on students (and teachers) and will learn how to implement lessons that integrate the arts into all subjects.

Required Text:

Souse, D.A., & Pilecki, T. (2018).  From STEM to STEAM: Brain compatible strategies and lessons that integrate the arts, (2nd ed.) Corwin, Thousand Oaks, CA.


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