Explore Teaching

If you are graduating in a field such as science, psychology, history or English, you may have an opportunity to work in the field of education.


In fact, many schools are looking for candidates just like you!


Why you should consider teaching
  • Find your purpose in the classroom or leading an extracurricular activity
  • Add experience to highlight on your resume
  • Develop skills that all employers are looking for
  • Influence young people’s lives and make new friends


  • Attend a Career IMPACT Center Workshop
  • Decide which school(s) you would like to learn more about
  • Register at least one week in advance for an Experience
  • Contact exploreteaching@gcu.edu if you would like to volunteer in a school
  • Obtain a fingerprint clearance card if you plan to volunteer in a school that requires one
  • No fingerprinting necessary for the 3-hour Experiences

How Explore Teaching works
Seniors majoring in subjects other than education will have the opportunity to experience schools by visiting classrooms and seeing programs in action over a period of three hours. Those who would like to see if a school is a good fit for them can sign up for a volunteer opportunity.

Attend an upcoming information session!

Contact exploreteaching@gcu.edu for upcoming dates.

All seniors graduating in fields other than education can attend the Explore Teaching Recruitment Fair on April, 4, 2018 from 11 am – 1 pm at the Career IMPACT Center. Please register for this fair by selecting the event on this site.

Why “experience” a school?
Learn first-hand about a school by attending a three-hour “experience.” You will meet some of the staff, visit classrooms and get exposure to other areas that highlight the school's culture. You can experience as many schools as you like so you can decide where you might want to work.

No fingerprinting necessary for the 3-hour Experiences

Why volunteer in a school?
Volunteering in a school allows you to learn more about how it functions and likewise, they will get to learn more about you. This will also help you when the school is looking to hire since you will be familiar with that school and its processes. You may also be able to earn elective credits through an internship. (For more information contact your student services counselor.)

You will meet with the school before volunteering to discuss scheduling options and areas of interest.

Volunteer activities could include:

  • Observe and assist classroom teaching
  • Conduct individual or small group tutoring
  • Assist with non-classroom duties (clubs, monitoring extracurricular)
  • Participate in other parts of school life

Explore Teaching Recruitment Fair
Also register for the Explore Teaching Recruitment Fair to meet school leaders interested in hiring you!
GCU Career Impact Center
April 4, 2018, 11 am – 1 pm


Questions? Contact exploreteaching@gcu.edu

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