Express: I'm So Stressed: Mindfulness & Mediation for Teachers & Students (4.22-6.5.20)


:         April 22 - June 5, 2020
Course #:  LR 288:622


Mindfulness is the ability to know what is happening inside of your brain at all times; to live in the moment. Pretty basic and unsophisticated, but there’s nothing basic or unsophisticated about this life changing concept. It’s hard to be in the moment regardless of how much we know it is right for us. We think about the past and live unhappy moments over and over again and we stress about the future thinking the worst possible scenarios. Anyone in education is under a huge amount of stress in their school life. Added to that, most educators have family commitments and are squeezed in the sandwich generation raising kids and dealing with aging parents. As educators, we need now, more than ever, to practice mindfulness for ourselves, our families and our students. Mindfulness is a practice that can transform us, bring us peace, heal our bodies and our minds and allow us to enjoy our lives.

Express: I’m So Stressed! Mindfulness & Meditation for Teachers & Students explores the many facets of mindfulness and how to integrate it into our daily lives. It provides information for teachers, students and parents and gives examples and practices. Educators will understand the importance of mindfulness for themselves and for their students. The question is not “do we have time for mindfulness?” The question is “can we afford not to make the time for mindfulness?”

Express: I’m So Stressed! Mindfulness & Meditation for Teachers & Students is a 3-credit hours class designed to bring into alignment the mental and physical self by promoting calm, self-discipline and patience through mindfulness practices and meditation exercises. This class will provide a look at the nature of mindfulness, the benefits of mindfulness and the how-tos of mindfulness.

Scientific research will be presented that provides evidence for the use and benefits of mindfulness practices in the home and the classroom. This class examines what mindfulness is, presents the advantages of mindfulness through the eyes of “ordinary” people and experts in the field. It shows the way to develop a daily routine that includes mindfulness, specifically meditation.  This class also explains and guides participants to an awareness that can and does help establish physical and emotional health. Current programs on mindfulness will be shared and information will be given on how to start mindfulness practices individually and as an educator with students. An examination of approaches, resources and applications will be available for a look inside mindfulness.

Required Text:
Mindfulness in the Classroom: Strategies for Promoting Concentration, Compassion, and Calm (2019) By Thomas Armstrong
Publisher: ASCD
ISBN-10: 1416627944
ISBN-13: 978-1416627944

This class is available for License Renewal, Paraeducator or Audit credit.


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