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An Interview with Judith Rubin, Eleanor Irwin, and Others

Expressive Media Inc. (EMI) is a nonprofit organization cofounded in 1985 by pioneer art therapist, psychologist, and analyst, Judith A. Rubin, with her colleague Eleanor Irwin, pioneer drama therapist, psychodramatist, and analyst. EMI's focus is the production and distribution of films demonstrating best practices in the expressive arts, including a number of award-winning titles. The Institute of the Arts in Healing furthers EMI's educational mission to "extend the healing power of the arts" to people of all ages. The Expressive Therapies Summit is EMI's primary source of fundraising, and Summit profits make it possible for the work of EMI to continue. For more information about EMI, watch clips of our films, or to buy DVDs, visit

EMI Films Include. . .

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Summit Leader

B Cohen 4-2014Barry M. Cohen, MA, ATR-BC began his career in the helping professions as a Child Life Specialist at Yale/New Haven Hospital in 1979. In 1982, while Director of Expressive Therapies at Mount Vernon Hospital, Alexandria, VA, he developed the Diagnostic Drawing Series (DDS), a standardized art assessment and award-winning multicenter research project, still in use worldwide. Cohen is the author/co-author of numerous journal article sand chapters, and co-authored/co-edited three books, including Telling Without Talking: Art as a Window into the World of Multiple Personality, and the workbook, Managing Traumatic Stress through Art, both published in 1995. He has taught extensively in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. A professional conference planner and consumer fair promoter, he produced and chaired the Eastern Regional Conference on Trauma and Dissociation (1989-1996) and was Conference Manager of the American Art Therapy Association's 2006 and 2007 conferences. Barry joined Expressive Media as Executive Director in 2008, and introduced its Institute of the Arts in Healing Spring Institute in 2009, then founded the annual Expressive Therapies Summit in 2010. In 2013, with Eliana Gil, he co-founded the Mid-Atlantic Play Therapy Training Institute, an annual conference held just outside Washington, DC.

Administrative Team

We've got no membership, an all-volunteer staff, and no Summit office, but
we have an amazing group of people
helping to make your experience at the Summit, well,
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Brandoff R 2013
Schneider, A 2015
 Rachel Brandoff, ATR-BC, LCAT
Executive Coordinator Emerita

April Murphy Schneider
Registration Coordinator

A Thompson 
Deb Brass, MS, LCAT-LP
Volunteers Coordinator

Angel Thompson  
Materials Coordinator 
Lombardi, R 2015
Calhoun 2015
Reina Lombardi, MA, ATR-BC  
Social Media Coordinator 

Jessica Calhoun
Continuing Education Coordinator


Janice K. Rose, MS, ATR-BC
Graphic Designer

Elizabeth Youngs, MS, ATR-BC
Site & Logistics Coordinator

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Art - Drama - Music - Writing - Psychodrama - Dance - Play

Thursday through Sunday
NOVEMBER 10-13, 2016 

All the Creative Arts • Over 250 Faculty • 150 Sessions • 4 Days

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