Expressive Therapies Summit 2017 - Proposal Site


Since the Summit happens nearly a month earlier
than usual this year . . .

The Final Deadline for 2017 Submissions
11:59 pm ET, Thursday, April 20
(don't expect any extensions)

We look forward to receiving your proposals!


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To successfully submit your proposal, you will be required to answer a number of questions and upload at least one document and photo. Therefore it is important that you review the items listed below and gather all of the relevant documents, photos, and information you will need prior to signing in.

Our software allows for up to one hour of working time on each page of the proposal application. Additionally, applicants can save partially completed proposals and return to complete/update their work repeatedly during the submission period.

2017 Summit session formats:

•  90 minutes (paper, workshop)

•  3 hours (panel, workshop)

•  6 hours (Master Class, Seminar*)

•  12 hours (2-day Training Intensive)

•  18-24 hours (3- and 4-day Training Immersive)

Didactic rather than experiential, Seminars must feature 3 or more speakers on topics related to a central clinical theme. Themes such as the power of the arts and neuroscience; the arts and psychoanalysis; storytelling and healing; and the arts in trauma treatment have been offered over the years.

Required for all proposals:

•  Presentation Title - 80 character limit, including spaces

•  Presentation Description - 150 word limit (copy and paste)

•  3 specific, measurable objectives, MUST INCLUDE A NUMBER in each objective ("Participants will learn to identify 3 types of..."; copy and paste). Failure to complete these properly will result in disqualification, so please be thoughtful about crafting yours. We have added some new features this year to assist applicants in this task.

•  Ideal format and preferred length of your presentation. Identify any flexibility you might have regarding session length (shorter/longer). 

•  Presenter(s) Bio(s) - 100 word limit per speaker, not counting name and credentials (copy and paste)

Unfortunately, we don't have time to rewrite your bio: Please start by referring to the 2016 SUMMIT FACULTY BIOS for examples of style, appropriate content, length, punctuation, and capitalization. ALSO — please refrain from mentioning your "passion" for your work, your pets, hobbies, or relatives.

•  1 literature citation, consisting of a bibliographic reference to one article or book on the subject of your presentation, preferably not written by you (copy and paste)

  Audio-visual needs and miscellaneous other equipment

•  Art materials and/or musical instrument requests (workshops and classes, only; copy and paste)

•  Your CV and those of your co-presenters (if applicable) in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format. Please name the file(s) with your last name, first name, followed by "CV" (example: CohenBarry CV.docx)

•  Your portrait photo, as well as your co-presenters' photos in .jpg format only, no larger than 150K. Please name each file(s) with the last name, first name, and "Photo"
(example: CohenBarry Photo.jpg). If you have previously been on the Summit faculty, and like the photo we have used before, no need to include a new one.


The email address you submit with your proposal form automatically becomes the only one you will be able to use to modify your proposal, get comp registration, and —whether or not your session is accepted this year receive communications from us and access your Summit registration information during the year ahead.

Please be thoughtful in selecting the email address you submit,
if you have more than one,
and make note of it in your records to avoid potential problems in the future.

  • Most 6-hour and 12-hour classes will be scheduled Thursday and Friday.
  • Most 3-hour sessions and all 90-minute sessions will be scheduled Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Workshops must consist of at least 65% hands-on (experiential) activity, regardless of length.
  • Co-presenters need not submit duplicate proposals.
  • Proposals that do not include all required items will not be considered. 
Play Therapists Please Note
This year, the APT conference will be held the same weekend as the NYC Summit

When you are ready to start answering questions
and uploading your documents,
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If you are having trouble uploading your CV or photo, make sure each document is no larger than 150K. If this does not resolve the problem, temporarily disable your firewall in order to successfully upload. If all else fails, email us at We're happy to assist.


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