Fall 2016 Leadership Webinar Series

Fall 2016 Leadership Webinar Series:  Reframing How to Think about Leadership


Leaders are continuously challenged with understanding the dynamics of leadership competencies required for them to be effective leaders. These competencies operate at the micro level of organizational systems, which includes individuals and groups. Leaders desire to have a better understanding of their individual impact on groups as well as on organizational systems. This series of webinars will focus on individual leadership competencies that leaders need to develop in order to be effective in their varied roles. These competencies help leaders understand themselves in relation to the system in which they lead.

Webinar fees:  $29.00 - for NLN Members
                        $39.00 - for NLN Non-members

November 16th - Mentoring, Leadership, and Looking to Your Future

Mentoring, Leadership, and Looking to Your Future 

Mentoring is an important strategy for enhancing career development and success. Mentors serve various purposes for leaders. There are myths about mentoring, which sometimes prevent individuals from seeking mentors. If you want to learn about the value of mentoring, the mentoring process and how to engage in a mentoring relationship, you will want to attend this webinar. 

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm (ET)
Presenter: Dr. Lynn Engelmann, Consultant, NLN LEAD Program

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