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Fall 2017 Class Details

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FALL 2017 


This Fall 2017 semester Art After School is led by our group of talented, teaching artists who will acquaint students with different techniques and art movements inspired by unbridled creativity and new perspectives of well-known artists that they will relate to their own lives. By encouraging students to express themselves honestly, this semester of Art After School will challenge our young artists to deeply understand their natural ability to think, create, imagine, innovate and relate. Join us while we explore materials, themes, and personal interests through art projects each week.

Our professional art teachers will present unique art projects packed with inspiration in this *10-week session. Age-appropriate lesson plans are structured to nurture children’s creativity while teaching them basic art techniques and terms. Our philosophy is process based so your children will not be coming home with exact replica's of the teacher's work. Each child will be creatively expressing themselves while using a variety of art materials and applying the art techniques to their work individually. This process does not always result in a "pretty" art product, but it does result in more extraordinary creative thinking and development for your children. 

 *10 weeks is our standard program but some schools have longer or shorter programs.




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