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Erika Goble
Erika Goble, PhD, is Manager of Research at NorQuest College where she oversees all applied and institutional research activities. Erika has led a variety of applied research projects in partnership with private industry, public-funded groups and government, and not-for-profit organizations. She also an active mentor and research consultant. A graduate of the Department of Secondary Education, University of Alberta, Erika’s personal research explores ethics in health and education, aesthetic experience and imagery, and the phenomenology of practice.
Kathryn Graham
Kathryn is a co‐founder of the International School on Research Impact Assessment and was Director of the School when it was hosted in Banff in 2014. She is the Executive Director of Performance Management and Evaluation at Alberta Innovates, a Canadian‐based publicly‐funded provincial health research and innovation organization.

She has over 20 years of strategic evaluation experience in health care and health research and innovation. Her expertise is in developing performance management, evaluation and impact assessment strategies as well as implementing measurement frameworks for various systems, organizations and programs. She and her team customized the implementation of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (2009) research impact assessment framework. Kathryn is an adviser on numerous national and international committees that focus on the assessment of research and innovation and invited to present nationally and internationally.
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Tania Stafinski
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Laura Lagendyk
Laura Lagendyk is an NVivo Certified Platinum trainer with 20+ years’ experience leading academic and applied health research and evaluation teams and projects. With her accumulated knowledge Laura supports others by teaching them how to use NVivo (Windows or Mac) and apply it in their work. Examples of supported projects include mixed methods evaluation of a community wellness network, environmental scans in health services settings, longitudinal mixed methods research studies in the areas of women’s health and primary care, and analysis of large datasets of open- ended survey question responses.
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Maxi Miciak
Maxi Miciak, PhD (graduand) recently completed her doctoral studies in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Alberta. For her thesis, she developed a conceptual framework of the therapeutic relationship in the physiotherapy clinical interaction. Maxi is presently the AI Cy Frank Fellow in Impact Assessment. She is interested in evaluating how research impacts informed decision making in practice, policy and system processes.