Teachers and Chaperones are required to provide a cell phone number during registration to be used as an emergency contact number.

You will be required to list a chaperone for each student who is the same gender as the student. You must have permission from the chaperone. We will cancel any registrations that do not list the correct gender of chaperone for the student.

You will also need to list the age for each student.

Schools with 30+ Attendees

The registration system allows you to enter one main registrant plus 30 additional attendees during one registration process.  If your school has more than 30 total attendees, you will need to go through the registration process a second or third time until you have all your attendees registered.  When beginning a new registration process, a teacher/chaperone that has not registered yet must be the next “main registrant” and will be required to use a different e-mail address. 

A new registration confirmation number and e-mail confirmation will be generated with each registration process that is completed.  

You may submit the two or three separate  invoices to your school for payment or if you prefer one invoice, you can call 814-865-8301 and request a compiled invoice.


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