The Fiatech 2017 Annual Technology Conference and Showcase through presentations and demonstrations blends both a sharing of new technologies with input from futurists and those on the cutting edge of the development of future technologies will provide attendees with both a short term and a long range view and understanding of “The Shape of Things to Come.”

Attending Fiatech 2017 will significantly impact your organization by educating you on emerging solutions, bring visibility to your organization, develop beneficial relationships between you and key industry professionals, and bolster your competitiveness in the industry.

Fiatech 2017 brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts, solution providers, and visionaries, immersing you in the latest information and technologies through highly interactive sessions. 

Photos & Presentations

This was a great event and we hope that you will be able to attend Fiatech 2018!



Developing the Hacker Genome
LeanCompany Culture

 Design AWP Workshop   Emerging Systems & Technologies    Handover  Integrated Project  
 Des+AW_Boer-Warner   Emerg+Tech_D. illey  Handover_McKinley-Whitworth   Integrated_Proj_B.Moore  
 Des+AW_G.Ryan  Emerg+Tech_J. Jarroush   Handover_O.Sheikh   Integrated_Proj_D. Adcox  
 Des+AW_P.Bruk  Emerg+Tech_Klusza-Sassaei   Handover_P. Jenakanandhini   Integrated_Proj_P.Mitchell  
    Emerg+Tech_Leite-Fish   Handover_R.Meyer-Roessl   Integrated_Proj_Y.Jung  
 Mobile Technology         
 Mobile+Tech_E. McCauley