Welcome to the Fiatech Leadership Initiatives with Productivity Advancement Targets (PATs) for saving over 334 million dollars out of every billion dollars of investment and reducing cycle time by up to 10%.

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PAT #1 Through Change Readiness — Improve sustained innovation adoption by 55%                 

PAT#2 Through Process Improvements — Achieve 70% reduction in Owner initiated change orders                              

PAT #3 Through Interactive Project Planning — Capture 25% improvement in project cost and schedule predictability                          

PAT #4 Through Integrated Project Planning — Realize 25% improvement in project cost and schedule predictability                          

PAT #5 Through Regulatory Streamlining — Reduce review cycle times by at least 80% - "from months to minutes”                                

PAT #6 Through Design Process Improvements — Boost construction productivity by 10% and support improvement in handover and facility operations    

PAT #7 Through Integrated Materials Management — Improve construction productivity and reduce schedule delays by 20%                                 

PAT #8 Through Integrated Advanced Work Packaging & Information Mapping — Deliver 33% reduction in construction schedule and cost                     

PAT #9 Through Automated Field Data Collection & Control — Enable 40% improvement in efficiency (cycle time reduction) of field data collection or information access

PAT #10 Through Interoperability — Increase the probability of productivity improvement success by 35%                                   

PAT #11 Through Accelerating Commissioning & Seamless Rollover — Reduce transition costs and schedule by 50%                        

PAT #12 Through Technology & Process Monitoring — Accelerate identification, visibility and industry development of technology "new to the construction industry" by 40%



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arrowSetting and meeting expectations continually challenges all facets of the capital projects industry. In spite of our industry being surrounded by a broad spectrum of extremely powerful and compelling technologies, performance improvement remains stagnate. This short video highlights likely core causes and describes a new consolidated framework to provide focused improvement driven by economic purpose.


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