Fitex 2017

business summit 

A full day of business related sessions to assist clubs and independent trainers grow their business, and themselves as leaders.  Breaks for morning and afternoon teas and a boxed style lunch included!

Eligible for 5 REPs CPD points

Business Summit Presenters:
  • Paul Brown
  • Justin Tamsett
  • Mike Hill
  • Gary Russell

Sessions : (in no particular order)

Gary Russell - Winning

For hundreds of years we have searched for the magic ‘Bullet’ that will explain Performance and Winning. What is it that Winning Performances possess that others do not? Why is so difficult to consistently Win either as an individual and, even more uncommon, as a team? We have all seen that something ‘special’ in people we have played against or worked alongside in business. There is just something different about them. What is it? Where does it come from? Can it be copied or replicated? & Why can’t we explain it?


Justin Tamsett - Understanding culture eats strategy

We can use a game of sport as an analogy for the great game of fitness business. When we are work, it is game time! Our staff are like the players on the field. But as any sportsman knows, many games are won (or lost) on what happens on the practice pitch and in the locker room. This presentation will share the 7 keys to building a winning team to ensure your on-field performances leads to business growth.

Gary Russell - Chemistry

Most of us have heard of the expressions of 'clicking', 'meshing', 'jelling' or two people getting along stating they 'hit it off'. All of the expressions used are trying to explain Chemistry in various settings. So, in this regard, what is Chemistry? Why does it happen? And How does it work? Is it a sport thing, a corporate thing? Or perhaps is it just an ‘interaction of people’ thing that can be explained

Paul Brown (Mr Retention) - Member Retention

With Paul's latest research and advanced strategies on what it really takes to find, win and keep more members. Includes insights on clever club design, staffing, equipment, marketing and sales to the comprehensive onboarding and programming for the complete member experience. These strategies are designed to fill your club and take your clients right through the journey from suspect to prospect to member to raving fan. Includes case studies of clubs across the world that are getting retention right.

Mike Hill - Creating Great Customer Service

Service Experience is the key differentiator in this age of disruptive technology and un-paralleled choice and competition. It makes the difference between successful long terms businesses and the rest! In this mind provoking session, Customer Insight specialist Mike Hill will explain what current research and insight suggests as the critical touch points for creating a great service experience



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