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Functional Ageing Certification

Presented by: Ken Baldwin

The FAI Functional Ageing Specialist is the complete certification program for the serious fitness professional who is ready to become an expert in functional ageing and training of older adults. You will receive in-depth training on functional training strategies and movements; how to conduct meaningful assessments of function; how to create and develop effective exercise programs; and critical skills to be an effective professional with this client base. 


Learning Outcome:
Learn to safely program all exercises for the Baby boomer population, identify obstacles to training this population,examining different pre exercise conditions. Structure and take part in safe programming and learn new Par Q's for this population.

9am - 5pm

REPs CPD points - 10


YogaFit Older Adults

Presented by: Jarryd Foote

This course is ideal for any group fitness instructor or PT who wishes to expand his or her competence into the world of yoga for older adults. In YogaFit Older Adults, you’ll learn how to modify various yoga poses safely and effectively challenge your older adult clients, while always honouring and respecting their age-related limitations. In this one-day workshop, you’ll explore variations to your classes that will increase the muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, lung capacity and overall wellness of older participants. YogaFit Older Adults incorporates all the advantages of challenge and self-pacing for all levels and ages in the senior population, from the active and independent, to those who have been sedentary and are discovering the need to exercise as they grow older. Whether you’re planning to welcome older adults into your yoga classes or you’re looking for gentle yet effective options to include in your existing training sessions, this workshop will!
l equip you with the skills to confidently service this ever-growing demographic.

Learning Outcome:

  • How to develop and deliver safe and effective classes that improve the functional capacity of older adults
  • Movement to the floor – safely transitioning to standing, from the floor and from sitting
  • Common conditions and stages of older adulthood (e.g., osteoporosis, arthritis, menopause), and their considerations in yoga practice
  • Techniques for respectfully and successfully teaching yoga to older adults.


8:30am - 5pm

REPs CPD points - 10



TRX Rip Training Course

Presented by: Andrew Chadwick

TRX Rip Training Course (TRX RTC) provides Personal Trainers with the tools and techniques to safely and effectively train with the TRX Rip Trainer. It also delves into the science behind the TRX Rip Trainer, and you’ll build a library of exercises you can use with clients. This course is suitable for personal trainers who are new to the TRX Rip Trainer as well as those with some experience.

Learning Outcome
Experience rotational training on a whole new level. This dynamic exercise system utilises a resistance band and weighted bar for a challenging workout. Give your clients a new edge on their game with TRX RIP Training.

9am - 5pm

REPs CPDs - 10


The genetic foundations of all movement: are you firing a cannon from a canoe?

Presented by Dr Cameron McDonald and John Polley (JP)

Some people need HIIT regularly, in others it will do them damage. Some lift heavy and it will be great for their health, in others it will do them damage!

You will know that different clients respond differently to the same program - this is based on their genetics and epigenetics. The personalised health revolution is here and it’s now possible to under your clients’ specific needs simply and quickly based on their genetic profile. In the next 5 years, your clients will be expecting gene-based programming from you, and the method to do this has finally been made accessible to fitness professionals.

Run by Dr Cam McDonald and John Polley - it will be a cracker

Learning Outcome: This detailed introduction into personalised programming based on your clients genotype will allow you to:

  • Understand the different genotypes, and know how these affect behaviours, exercise and lifestyle recommendations for their best health.
  • Make a basic appraisal of your clients genotype from visual cues and key questions.
  • Optimally prepare each gentoype for movement - considering fascia, biomechanics and functional movement.
  • How to get the best performance and results from workouts.
  • How to most effectively recover from their specific exercise session.

10am - 4pm

REPs CPD points - 8



Presented by: Marietta Mehanni and Maria Teresa Stone


Join dynamic duo Marietta Mehanni and Maria Teresa Stone as they come together to offer you “Watch your body language” workshop.

The one-stop workshop for any group fitness instructor interested in up-skilling and improving their technique with legendary Marietta Mehanni and Maria Teresa Stone.

The challenge when teaching aqua classes is to be able to show the movements on land as if we were in the resistive water environment. Whether you are a new instructor or someone that has been teaching for years, this workshop will push your teaching skills to the next level. Join two experts in their fields, Marietta and Maria Teresa in this workshop that will teach you how to successfully reflect that feeling when teaching from the deck to create the “WOW effect”!

The popularity of high intensity interval training (HIIT) is still on the rise due to the amazing health benefits including fat loss, cardiovascular health and performance. The challenge is how to implement HIIT effectively in an Aqua fitness class.

Group fitness instructors often under estimate the value in all types of professional behaviour, including, how to greet participants professionally and how to emulate energy, enthusiasm and charisma. This workshop will provide all the practical tips and the rationale of why body language is more important than verbal language.

WOW – The Aqua Effect will show instructors that importance of demonstrating correctly using video as a tool to correct form and technique and offer the ‘how to’ of effective visual demonstrations.

HIT – H2O Intermittent Training is all about the latest in interval training and this session will workshop an easy and effective way to design and deliver an interval class that participants will respond to with enthusiasm.

9am - 7:30pm

REPs CPD points - 8


Stop Squeezing Round Pegs into Square Holes

(The Ultimate Training Solution for Female Clients)

Presented by: Katrina Cochrane, Thea Baker & Michelle Wright (Mish)

Do you feel comfortable knowing what you shouldn’t be doing with postnatal women, as it may harm their pelvic floor? Does the information feel contradictory, confusing or maybe just too hard to implement in a group situation?

When our female clients step up to engage in higher intensity training, it is even more important to understand the key fundamentals on how hormone response impacts on the results for our clients. Efficient programming and understanding of the female cycle are essential to enhance performance, especially for those women with PCOS and endometriosis.

This course is very suitable for those who are new to the Fitness Industry and want to work with this demographic, or for those who have years of experience under their belt – but want a simple fool-proof way to train female clients in a way that empowers and educates them, rather than harms them.

This workshop represents enormous value for money; bringing together 3 great minds in the world of women’s fitness. This will be your opportunity to not only take away practical tools, but to pick our brains and come away feeling 100% confident that you are designing training programs that are 100% for women.

Learning Outcome:

  • How to work safely within your scope of practice
  • The real anatomy of the word ‘core’ AND what it means for postnatal clients
  • The critical relationship between breath, diaphragm and pelvic floor, and how to practically apply this to ANY exercise
  • How to assess DRAM
  • How to assess TVA
  • How to teach pelvic floor contraction in isolation and in functional movement
  • Understanding the endocrine system and hormonal development
  • Identify hormonal response and how it specifically relates to the female cycle
  • Interpret how individual results can be affected by a variety of training concepts such as duration, intensity and repetition.
  • Understanding specific conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis and how these can influence training regimes and results for your clients
  • Programming and Exercise Selection to support hormonal imbalances and specific training regimes for female clients.

9am - 4:30pm

REPs CPD Points - 10

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