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Fitex & Awards 2018

On Thursday 22 November, the day before FitEx starts, we will be holding this pre conference event.

Power Plate vibration certification - THURSDAY SESSION

John PolleyPRESENTED BY: John (JP) Polley

TIME: Thursday 22 November, 9:00 - 4:00pm


In order to integrate vibration training into every day programming, the Power Plate certification has been created to empower the trainer, coach or practitioner with the skills and knowledge to successfully integrate Power Plate technology into their day to day to day training to enhance movement preparation, performance and recovery with each and every client, whether in a fitness facility, elite sports, clinical or rehabilitation setting.

Combining both theory and practical application, this education is inspired by the Principles, Strategies and Techniques of Applied Functional Science (AFS) powered by Gray Institute. Power Plate is the most authentic functional tool to replicate and enhance the body’s response to gravity and ground reaction forces.

This certification explains the mechanisms by which WBV enhances the neuromusculoskeletal system; the method of nerve to muscle adaptation called reflexive stabilisation and includes plenty of opportunity to experience the fundamentals of functional movement and integration with whole body vibration.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Those attending will leave with a whole new experience of their own bodies and how to create incredible change in human beings. JP can’t wait to demonstrate the power of whole body vibration for almost any client, being in his own words “able to deliver health to the human, not just a new way of moving more effectively”.

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