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Fitex & Awards 2018

On Friday 23 November, the day before FitEx starts, we will be holding this pre conference event.

The Day of Play - Using play for serious results in EVERY population

John PolleyPRESENTED BY: John Polley (JP)

TIME: 9:30 - 4:30pm


Spend the day immersed in the challenge, enjoyment and experience that play can bring! Learn at least 40 games, drills and ways to play, centred around a range of different client profiles, and then how to adapt them for endless possibilities.

However, this session is so much more than learning some new exercises to integrate into your business. It's also about understanding the science and application behind play; the who, why, what, how and when that will mean you can use this invaluable tool for maximum effect and maximum results. The times of play being a little distraction from 'important' or 'serious' training are gone. This is now understood as a vital tool for everyone from elite athletes through to those with severe restriction or mental health issues.

Your presenter is John Polley (JP), has a long history of bringing fun but thought-provoking sessions to Fitex and he has been asked by global organisations for contributions in the area of play. He says:

"Play is so under-valued and misunderstood in our industry. It's one of the few activities or forms of exercise that mimics the effects of many of the things in life that bring us joy. That alone should be enough reason to use it. But then realise it works the body in all 3 dimensions, the way it was authentically designed to move, brings people together, enhances brain function, neural conditioning and emotional state, and you have an almost uniquely powerful and wonderful training modality"

If you want to spend a day in your life purely focused on enjoyment for body, mind and emotions, this will deliver. As with all of JP’s work, it will also give you the tools to deliver this into your world, again and again. Your clients will thank you.



  • A working understanding of the benefits of play for physical performance and neuromyofascial response
  • A better understanding of the mental and emotional effects of play
  • A full range of play, games and drills for each of 6 populations - sedentary/chair bound, physically restricted, training for life, elite sports performance, older adults, mental health challenges - all performed and experienced during the day
  • A client centred system for determining what forms of play are suitable for the humans in front of you and how to adapt them for everyone
  • The role of genetic predisposition and movement personality in prescribing play
  • Communication - how to deliver play to different movement personalities and populations so they are invested in the process
  • Understand the benefits of play for you as a fitness coach
  • Connection - understand the effortless ways play leads to this hugely important human value
  • How to leverage play in your business for generation and retention of clients

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