FOUNDATION fieldbus - Sales Force Training


  • Wednesday, May 25, 2011
    8:30 AM  -  9:00 AM
    Registration and Coffee
    Sign-in and badge pick-up. Feel free to grab some coffee, find a seat and/or chat with our experts.
    9:00 AM  -  9:15 AM
    Opening Remarks
    Larry O'Brien - Fieldbus Foundation
    9:15 AM  -  10:00 AM
    Fieldbus Mythbusters
    David Lancaster, PE (Retired from Bechtel) and Ian Verhappen separate the facts from fiction based on experience with FOUNDATION fieldbus in some of the most rigorous process applications.
    10:00 AM  -  10:15 AM
    Business Value of FOUNDATION Technology
    Larry O'Brien - Presentation describing the evolving FOUNDATION technology roadmap and how it can address many of the critical issues facing industrial end users today.
    10:15 AM  -  10:30 AM
    10:30 AM  -  11:00 AM
    Understanding why customers choose Wireless, HART or Fieldbus
    Presentation by a leading end user describing the reasons for choosing FOUNDATION fieldbus, and the “bigger picture” value of the technology in a world where justification of capital expenditures can be difficult.
    11:00 AM  -  11:30 AM
    The Importance of Training: This IS a Digital World
    Chuck Carter, Certified Training Instructor - Discussion on the value and importance that must be placed on training installing any fieldbus system. It is important for the salespeople, engineers and end users to know the capabilities of FOUNDATION before the sale.
    11:30 AM  -  12:00 PM
    The FOUNDATION Fieldbus Sales Playbook
    Explanation of the most common end user objections to implementing FOUNDATION fieldbus. Fieldbus is placed in the context of a total plant solution and coexistence with other technologies.