Every two years or so, IMHP organizes a series of lectures by infant mental health experts and records them. Think of it as a bi-annual sort of extended, online conference, where the lectures remain available online for the following two 2 years. We recorded the 2020 lecture series between January and August 2020, and we decided to offer free and prolonged access to the 2018-19 lecture series along with the 2020 lecture series registrationThe two lecture series are independent. You can watch only one, or both, in any order. They do not address the same topics in IMH and they complement each other. 

  • If you are properly registered, watch the entirety of the 2018-19 videos and complete all the related surveys, you'll get the 2018-19 Lecture Series completion certificate. 
  • If you are properly registered, watch the entirety of the 2020 videos and complete all the related surveys, you'll get the 2020 Lecture Series completion certificate.  




  1. Register to receive your unique confirmation number. Note that the Guest Access is reserved for people whose agency/organization has purchased a group license for all their staff (Or for organizations participating to the Care Pathways pilot project with IMHP). If that's not your case, you'll need to register as an IMHP member or non-member individual and pay the registration fee. More information at http://www.cvent.com/events/foundations-in-infant-and-early-childhood-mental-health-practice-certificate-lecture-series/fees-fc5ddfd6827942b59ab2964033dcbc15.aspx.
  2. After registering you will be required to login to access the recordings, session handouts and other important links. Click the Already Registered button at the top of the page to login using your email and unique confirmation number, that was sent to you in your registration confirmation email. This confirmation number is unique to you. If you need to retrieve your confirmation number you can request that it be resent by clicking the link on the login page.
  3. Once logged in, all sessions are accessible under the Information Menu bar under 2020 Videos and Links or 2018/19 Videos and Links tabs on this site.
  4. Don't forget to complete all the surveys ! The surveys for a given lecture series are all under the same link, provided on the page where the series recordings are hosted (accessible once you have registered).

If you need any assistance please consult our FAQs. If you still need help, contact us at imp.mail@sickkids.ca.



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