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Each Agency or Large Organization license allows unlimited access by staff (Guests) within their organization/ agency to access the training.

Only the Primary Contact from each Host Agency will be required to pay registration fees, after which each Guest Participant may register in order receive the access details directly, and to track progress towards a certificate of participation. See Training Format for more details.

About the Licensing Options

Individual Registrations cannot be shared. Only the individual officially registered will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion.

Agency License is intended for Agencies that provide direct services to families.

After initial license purchase by the participating Host Agency/ Site, an unlimited number of staff from that agency may register as a GUEST at no additional cost in order to gain access.  Each participant wishing to receive a certificate of participation must register and identify their host agency.

Agencies may be comprised of multiple locations or sites, however agencies are restricted from sharing the login details to additional unaffiliated agencies.

Organizational Licenses are intended for incorporated Fee-Based, Membership driven organizations and professional associations comprised of multiple members, agencies or sites. The training may be offered to all members at no cost to the respective members. For example Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies may purchase the training for the benefit of all staff of all member Children’s Aid Societies.

Community Coalitions are not considered membership based agencies and should encourage each agency to purchase a separate Agency License.

Please note: Licensees are encouraged to enroll as many participants as possible however, NO fees should be charged to individual guest participants from the respective licensing agency, either for the purpose of cost recovery or profit. To do so is in violation of the terms of the license, and intent of the training program.

Membership may be purchased/ renewed at the time of registration in order to obtain the discounted rates.
Annual Membership fees are $75 for an individual, $250 for agencies.
Please contact IMHP for assistance.


Guest : Please double-check that your organization/agency is covering your registration fee.

  1. Guest Participant (no fees)


Individual Registration - IMHP Member

  1. Individual-member

    CAD $ 270.00

Individual -NonMember Registration

  1. Individual-NonMember

    CAD $ 350.00

Agency License (unlimited staff) - IMHP Member

  1. Agency_IMHPMember

    CAD $ 1,750.00

Agency License (unlimited staff) - Non-Member

  1. Agency-NonMember

    CAD $ 2,500.00

Small Organization License (>50 users) - Non-Member

  1. SmallOrg-NonMember

    CAD $ 5,000.00

Small Organization License (>50 users) - IMHP Member

  1. SmallOrg-IMHPMember

    CAD $ 3,500.00

Large Organization License (50+ users) - IMHP Member

  1. Large Organization License - IMHP Member

    CAD $ 5,000.00

Large Organization License (50+ users) - Non-Member

  1. Large Organization License - Non-Member

    CAD $ 6,500.00