Full Mouth Waxing

LVI’s hands-on Full Mouth Waxing course brings new light and knowledge to the ever-growing demand in the area of full mouth reconstruction. This hands-on course will guide the technician step by step from pre-operative to the final wax-up. This comprehensive approach to full mouth waxing will cover function as well as aesthetics with special emphasis placed on tooth morphology, anatomy, shape, function and so much more. Each participant will complete a full mouth wax-up. This course is designed specifically for intermediate and advanced technicians. In order to meet the dentists’ expectation for a more accurate final restoration, it all starts with a precise wax-up. Each technician will be provided with pre-operative models (maxillary and mandibular). You will mount the models to a new pre-established vertical index (bite). The pre-operative wax-ups will be done on the models and then transferred to die models where the case will be finished in wax, applying the principles and techniques learned in the course.

Topics Mastered

  • Understanding function as it relates to wax-ups
  • Tooth morphology, shape, grooves and contours
  • Preparation for case success through correct pre-operative work-up
  • Use of pictures, facial plane indexes, HIP mounting and other tools
  • Waxing techniques and the matrix transfer
  • Understanding the LVI Golden Proportion and Golden Vertical
  • Index from a technician’s perspective
  • Form and function anterior and posterior
  • Natural occlusal anatomy
  • Spruing and investing

At the completion of this course, you will be eligible to be evaluated for the “LVI Certified Technician” credential. If you earn this distinction, you will be invited to enter the Master Aesthetic Technician program.

  • Where

  • LVI Global
    9501 Hillwood Drive
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89134
    888-584-3237 or 702-341-7978