Future Capital Investment - Engineering for Success

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The benefits and challenges of effective front-end execution.


Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between poor project front-end definition and subsequent poor project performance.


Front-end engineering is often used in the capital investment decision making process and can be defined as the work required to prepare process and engineering documentation of sufficient quality and depth to define the project requirements, including all significant costs and risks, in advance of subsequent detailed engineering, procurement and construction.


A requirement of most projects is that they should be delivered safely, to time, to cost and to the optimum specification.


Questions often asked, early in the project process include:

- How much will my project cost?

- What’s the right contracting strategy for my project?

- Is the cost estimate sufficiently accurate for business sanction?


A good engineering definition should, along with many other things, confirm the project objectives, the feasibility of the defined project, the main risks to the project and how to manage them. Robust front-end execution should result in the avoidance of significant changes during subsequent phases of a project. A variety of processes and methodologies have been developed to help operators scope, cost and plan capital projects effectively and efficiently during the early stages.

This seminar will focus on:

- The importance of front-end project definition for both small and large projects and some of the potential pitfalls

- Specific projects with lessons learned and best practices identified for future FEED studies

- Processes and methodologies that can be beneficial during front-end execution

- Life cycle cost optioneering and example of lifetime cost savings identified in real projects

- Developing effective strategies with EPCs and equipment suppliers for a successful implementation

- Eliminating late stage project modifications



- Understand the importance of front-end definition on subsequent project performance

- Identify processes and methodologies to improve effectiveness and efficiency of front-end execution

- Learn from industry leaders’ successes and difficulties

- Share best practise with presenters and other delegates

  • When

  • Thursday, 10 November, 2016
    9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

  • Where

  • Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel
    Hale Road
    Hale Barns
    Manchester, Manchester WA15 8XW
    +44 90) 161 904 0301