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The global LNG industry is becoming increasingly interconnected as grassroots export projects get off the ground. Another technology route for processing gas into fuels—GTL—is attracting renewed attention due to improving economics. Small-scale solutions for both LNG and GTL are at the forefront of new technological developments, while major projects using more conventional technologies continue to start up around the world.

During this webcast, we will focus on LNG, GTL, gas processing technology developments and deployments, operations, small-scale solutions, transportation, trading, distribution, safety, regulatory affairs, business analysis and more.

8:30 a.m.              Welcome and introduction

8:35–9:05 a.m.     KEYNOTE: Opportunities and challenges of linking Texas gas and LNG with international markets—Shaun Davison, Vice President of LNG (NextDecade Corp.)

9:05–9:25 a.m.      Overcoming LNG plant design challenges for expansion of an existing facility—Tina Edvardsson (Linde Engineering North America) and David St-Pierre (Énergir)

9:25–9:45 a.m.       Regasification of LNG and recovery and utilization of cold energy—Jin Haiming (SNC Lavalin)

9:45–10:10 a.m.     Cryogenic turbomachinery model for design and rating—Kedar Gidh (Air Products and Chemicals)

10:10–10:25 a.m.    Break/mini-tech session — Introducing Smart Layer™ - Passive early warning system for Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers end of service life (Hosted by Chart Industries Inc.)

10:25–10:45 a.m.    An alternative for liquid fuel production: ExxonMobil's methanol to gasoline (MTG) technology—Terry Helton (ExxonMobil Catalyst & Licensing) and Martin Gorny & Bharat Soni  (Air Liquide)

10:45–11:05 a.m.    Profitable production of value-added petroleum products from natural gas using INFRA's technology—Zeeshan Gardezi (INFRA Technology)

11:05–11:25 a.m.    Commercial deployment of Velocys' Fischer-Tropsch technology at ENVIA's Oklahoma City plant—Paul Schubert (Velocys)

11:25–11:30 a.m.    Closing remarks

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