Global Leadership Series: Big Data - a tool for innovation

If you had access to data on people’s movement, behaviours and social habits, what would you do with it? Social opinions are now reflected by social media in all aspects of our lives: trends in music, fashion, politics, financial markets, natural disaster responses and sales of products and services. Gathering, understanding, interpreting and making decisions based on this data has now become an invaluable tool for business, science and governments to innovate.

How do the smartest data scientists in the world identify and utilise authentic insights from big data and social computing? What value do those insights bring for business decision making, public policy development? And what are the personal implications for us as individuals within a social data driven society? Key ethical issues surrounding contemporary innovations in ‘big data’ include privacy, consent, confidentiality, potential discrimination, ownership, commercialisation, intellectual property rights, fair benefit sharing, potential conflict of interest matters as well as equity, reciprocity and the need to respect cultural diversity.  

Dr Andrew Crowden and Professor Xue Li will debate these questions, and outline the opportunities and challenges relating to individual and societal aspects and implications of big data harnessed through social media.