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Government Transformation 2016 - Enable, Evolve, Engage

Admission Item

Registration Fees
Public Sector Attendee Registration (Gov't Employee)
        Admission Complimentary

Private Sector Attendee Registration Fee (Non-Sponsor)
         $300.00 - Full Conference Pass

An option to purchase a box lunch at this forum will be available during the registration process but is not a requirement of attending this forum or lunchtime session.  The cost for the pre-paid box lunch is $10 (The cost for a box lunch will be $15 the day of the event)

If your company is currently a sponsor of this event, please coordinate your complimentary passes directly with Sherilyn Hammond.
email to: or call (916) 799-5682.

Government Transformation 2016 Registration

  1. Private Sector Attendee Registration Fee (non Sponsor)

  2. Public Sector Attendee Registration

12:45pm- Lunch Presentation: Showcasing Civic Engagement SEP's

  1. Lunch