Gravity and Magnetic Geophysical Methods in Oil Exploration - March 8, 2017 - Calgary


Course Description
This basic one-day course reviews the fundamental geological and physical concepts behind oil exploration using gravity and magnetic methods. It is presented in plain English with minimal math or technical jargon, and it includes hands-on exploration examples and case studies.

Delineation of regional and local fault networks, which gravity and magnetic data enable, is crucial in both conventional and unconventional exploration and production. In frontier regions, these data help to delineate the raised and subsided crustal blocks and depocenters, as well as the distribution of igneous rocks.

The course reviews all stages of gravity and magnetic survey design, as well as data acquisition and geological interpretation. These steps are put in the context of designing and executing overall exploration programs for both conventional and unconventional targets.

Topics Covered

• Geological Meaning of Geophysical Anomalies: Anomaly-Lithology
Relationships and Relevant Rock Properties
• Forms of Rock Bodies Encountered in Oil and Mineral Exploration
• Gravity Exploration Methods
• Magnetic Exploration Methods
• Design of Gravity and Magnetic Surveys for Geologic Targets
• Processing Methods for Gravity and Magnetic Data to Separate and
Enhance Desirable Anomalies
• Data Display and Anomaly Enhancement
• Exploration Example: Gravity and Magnetic Studies of Alberta
Basement Structure
• Exploration Example: Gravity and Magnetic Studies in a Frontier
Basin Offshore British Columbia

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for professional and technical personnel who need to understand the basics of gravity and magnetic methods in order to assess their effectiveness in various exploration circumstances. The course is intended for all staff levels including geological, geophysical, administrative and management personnel.


  • When

  • March 8, 2017
    8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
    Mountain Time

  • Where

  • Ramada Hotel (Downtown Calgary) - Lombardy Room
    708 8th Ave SW
    Calgary, Alberta